Part A              Introduction to Foam Concrete Housing Development
Section A.1     General Information
Section A.2     Structure of the Houses
Section A.3     Design Criteria

Part B             The Essentials of the System
Section B.1     Foam Lightweight Concrete
Section B.2     Equipment

Part C             Practical Guide
Section C.1     Foundation
Section C.2     Walls
Section C.3     Roof
Section C.4     Finishes
Section C.5     Technical installations
Section C.6     Project Requirements
Section C.7     Labour and Cost Information

Part D             Additional Information (in preparation)
Section D.1     Additional Applications
Section D.2     Choices, Recommendations
Section D.3     Products and Suppliers

Part E             Miscellaneous (in preparation)
Section E.1     Word list, conversions
Section E.2     Drawings
Section E.3     System applications